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Ciara, our in-house Vet Ciara, our in-house Vet

Digging Deeper: Research at Butternut Box

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16 Dec 2022

Ethics, Science, and Nutrition: Our Commitment at Butternut Box

At Butternut Box, our motivation is simple and heartfelt: everything we do is #ForTheLoveOfDogs, guided by our purpose of helping them to live happier and healthier lives through the power of feeding fresh.

Rather than simply focusing on the quality of our ingredients or cooking processes, or depending solely on Trustpilot customer reviews and surveys, we aim to substantiate our claims through observational and non-invasive clinical projects. This approach means we can contribute meaningfully to the science of fresh food nutrition for dogs.

In our commitment to ethical research, we have chosen to conduct feeding or supplement validation trials using family-owned dogs instead of test kennelled dogs.

This decision aligns with our company values for several reasons:

  1. We believe dogs thrive best in loving pet homes rather than kennelled environments. Dogs don't just love to eat; they also love the comfort of curling up on the couch with their pet parents at the end of the day. (Don’t we all).
  2. Kennelled conditions often don't accurately reflect a dog's daily interactions, exercise levels, and sleep patterns in a true home setting.
  3. Typically, kennelled dogs tend to be of the same breed, often Beagles, which doesn't represent the diverse array of breeds we cater to at Butternut Box.
  4. We have access to a dedicated group of pet parent participants eager to contribute to our studies.

In every step of our research, we closely follow animal welfare guidelines and the 3Rs (Refinement, Reduction, Replacement). We are constantly looking for ways to refine our methods, reduce animal numbers, and replace them with lab-based methods where possible.

At the helm of our research efforts is Dr. Ciara Clarke, a vet with 14 years of experience and a background in clinical, educational, and scientific research. She is supported by a team of four highly qualified registered veterinary nurses and an internal animal ethics review panel. Together, they ensure that our research always stays true to our core values.

Choosing Butternut Box means more than just serving up fresh meals for your dog. You're also backing a company that's passionate about bettering pet health research. We're all about one shared goal: making your dog as healthy and happy as can be. So, by picking us, you're joining a community that's all in for creating a better future for dogs everywhere.