Making our meals

We're really proud of how we make our fresh meals - the Butternut method is quite different to the rest, you see.

Our food promise

Plate with fish, broccoli and sweet potato.

Human-quality ingredients

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Never any nasties

Kev and Dave wearing chef hats.

Taste-tested by humans

    The Butternut Method

  1. Step 1Write the recipe

    Our kitchen team puts a lot of thought into creating our recipes. The meals can’t just taste good, they need to have the right balance of vitamins and minerals to suit all life stages too.

  2. Step 2Source the ingredients

    We only cook with the best human-quality ingredients we can find, from suppliers we know we can trust. If you need to speak to someone about a carrot, we can point you in the right direction.

  3. Step 3Gently cook at 90°

    We treat our ingredients with respect (and some steam) by gently cooking them. This means we remove any bad bacteria from raw meat, while still keeping the good stuff.

    Made in the UK The flag of the United Kingdom

  4. Step 4Perfectly portion

    65% of dogs

    German, AJ., Woods, GRT., Holden, SL., Brennan, L., Burke, C.(2018) Dangerous trends in pet obesity. Veterinary Record. 182, 25.

    in the UK are overweight. We’d like to help change that. So, we perfectly portion each meal to suit our Butternutters’ dietary needs. No waste, no fuss. Perfection indeed.

  5. Step 5Finally, freeze to keep fresh

    Freezing our meals is our way of preserving their freshness without using any nasties - just like you would at home.

The EXTRA step

Human taste test

If it’s good enough for dogs, it’s good enough for us. That’s why we taste test our meals to make sure they're just right. Now, pass us a fork would you?

We would love to make some food for your pooch. Tell us all about them.

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