Our story

Our story all started with a dog who couldn't stop farting, called Rudie, and two friends who wanted to build a company that delivers health and happiness, called Kev and Dave.

A ruff timeline

February 2010

Rudie the Staffie looking happy and excited.

Rudie finds her forever home

Dave's family rescues a Staffie. They soon discover that she has some health problems, and that she farts... a lot.

Naturally, they name her Rudie.

March 2010

Dave preparing food for Rudie the Staffie in the family kitchen.

Rudie’s personal chef, Dave

Dave's family struggled to find the right diet for Rudie's health issues. Nothing was helping. So, they got in the kitchen and started to cook for her themselves. Simple ingredients, gently cooked.

It worked. Farewell, farts.

June 2015

Kev and Dave sharing ideas over coffee.

Kev, Dave, and daily coffee chats

Kev and Dave cooking fresh and tasty dog food in the kitchen.

Years later, Dave tells his work mate, Kev, about Rudie's recovery, all thanks to his home-cooked meals. Kev immediately thinks they should cook for more dogs.

So they did.

Kev's fun fact: "Dave always tried to deliver as many boxes as possible so he could meet all the dogs."

September 2015

Kev and Dave in Dephna.

Let's cook

Dave hugging a dog looking happy as ever.

By day, Kev and Dave worked in the City. By night, they cooked fresh meals for dogs. And on weekends, they delivered the food themselves.

Dave's fun fact: "Kev once delivered a box whilst sleepwalking."

February 2016

Kev and Dave looking really excited and happy

Do quit your day job

After months of doing two jobs, Kev and Dave knew that they needed to pick just one.

They picked dogs.
And Butternut Box was born.

The End

(But really it’s only the beginning, if you see what we mean.) A yellow arrow pointing down

That was then, this is now

The Squad

Kev and Dave hired a bunch of people who are as passionate as they are about delivering health and happiness to dogs and their humans. And then there's our Dog Squad too of course. They can't cook or use a computer or anything, but they're still quite fun to be around.

An illustration of the new Butternut factory: Rudie's, a Butternut delivery truck, Rudie the dog, and a Dachshund.

The (much bigger) kitchen

We've moved on from the days of cooking our meals in Dave's family kitchen. We needed a bigger hob, and we needed lots more space in order to feed lots more healthy and happy dogs. This is just the beginning too. In fact, we're already planning our next move. We won't reveal too much but let's just say we won't be stuck for space. Or a hob.

Giving back

We started Butternut Box because we wanted to help. As well as donating a meal to those less fortunate each time a new dog signs up to Butternut, we also work with a number of charity partners each year. We're not saying that we're next in line for the Nobel Peace Prize or anything, but whether it's volunteering at our local foodbank or building new shelters for rescue dogs, we hope that the work we do helps a little bit.

Two dogs sharing kind words

Our story is nothing without the dogs we feed

Now that we've told you our story, tell us your pooch's.

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